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it also helps wilson fend off book of moon. book of moon is a very popular card these days, but both dark simorgh and magic drain stop it in its tracks.

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since wilson is packing so many cards that can remove monsters from his graveyard, he’ s taking advantage of it with more than just guardian eatos. this seems to be a reversal of the older serial spell vs. dark magic curtain ruling.

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q: two copies of simorgh, bird of ancestry are face- up on my field, and their effects that allow wind monsters to be normal summoned with 1 less tribute are applying. q: if i activate the effect of lilith, lady of lament, but my opponent chains call of the haunted and special summons dark simorgh from the graveyard, what happens?

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for yu- gi- oh! He’ s also able to take advantage of the new starliege paladynamo. Basically the goal of the deck is to splurge out 2+ boss monsters in a single turn and overwhelm your opponent and win quickly.

And then, in one turn, do as many things as you can. 1x number 101 silent honor ark ( big eye and maestroke had a baby) 2x gaga cowboy ( the burns, also i saw the guy from ycs atlanta had maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book 2 lol) 1x maestroke ( book of moon) 1x abyss dweller ( good vs graveyard effects) 1x number 50 blackship ( sends not destroy). This can prevent the herald player from restocking their hand with dark factory of mass maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book production. Mirror force beats tt every time. Aqui sera postados os decks list que vocês pedirem maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book e tambem novos formatos de decks. Monsters: 19 dark armed dragon x1 dark simorgh x2 raiza the storm monarch x3 destiny hero dasher x1 destiny hero malicious x2 elemental hero stratos x1 mystic tomato x2 summoner monk x1 mist.

A filler with possible bonuses. He combined his mechanicalchaser with machina gearframe to summon maestroke the symphony djinn and then detached an xyz material from maestroke to put dark simorgh face- down with maestroke’ s effect. Machina fortress attacked and destroyed dark simorgh and then maestroke attacked depalma directly.

No room for cydra' s, dont need the tributes, simorgh maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book specials himself, and there arent enough tributes to be worried about fodder maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book ( btw, since when the hell is raiza limited? Mazraeh- ye simorgh ( persian: مزرعه سيمرغ ‎, also romanized as mazra‘ eh- ye sīmorgh) is a village in sar asiab- e farsangi rural maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book district, in the central district of kerman county, kerman province, iran. I thank all of you for reading as far as you did, even if you only read 4 lines. ) stratos is just maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book another wind monster, and i picked him over a bit of others because there are heroes, which can lead to a search or at least s/ t destruction. - simorgh, bird of divinity ( sd8- en001) - structure deck 8: lord of the storm - 1st edition - ultra rare at amazon.

- dark simorgh ( sovr- en092) - stardust overdrive - 1st edition - secret rare: toys & games - amazon. Mentions in other rulings ancient forest: if a monster attacks and is flipped face- down by “ book of moon” it will still be destroyed. This one' s hard but i' m going with seven tools i' m currently having the same problems with poeple stopping me with solemn warning i could scream maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book the amount of times they piss me right off. Carta magica montreal, st- hubert montreal, qc h2s 2mcarta magica st- laurent moved to our montreal locationcarta magica ottawa. — this unsigned comment was made by 206.

5d' s world championship : reverse of arcadia on the ds, a gamefaqs message board topic titled " dark simorgh vs maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book book of moon". Dark simorgh- see above. Don' t make maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book a single try every turn, make a lot of tries in one turn. And, my maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book second crush. Featured: pokémon trading pokémon sword & shield books& lit maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book music movies football ( soccer) lol pokélounge pc games and steam doraemon: story of seasons sports super smash bros.

Ever since the announcement of maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book the simorgh support in rising rampage, there havent been many discussion post about what to do with the archetype. Get dark hole in your hand. " thunder king rai- oh" negates special summons the same way that " solemn judgment", " horn of heaven", and " black horn of heaven" negate special summons. You can banish this card from your gy reveal 1 winged beast monster in your hand and if you do reduce the levels of monsters in your hand with that name by 1 for the rest of this turn ( even after they are summoned). Can dark simorgh be affected by opponent' s book of moon?

The new support is relatively coehisve and has some pretty good cards on maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book paper. He’ s packing a ton of thunder monsters like watts, and ways to make use of the powerful thunder sea horse. Sleep well, sniggit. The first part i can do the second i' m maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book not sure. The effects to special summon " dark simorgh" start a chain. Sep 17, 12 at 8: 39am ( pst) ^.

This card cannot be activated if the special summon is performed by the effect of another card. Com free delivery possible on eligible purchases. This video is unavailable. Dark simorgh: if your opponent activates " scrap- iron scarecrow" when you attack with " dark simorgh" the attack will be negated, but " scrap- iron scarecrow" will go to the graveyard because it cannot be set.

Anyways, maestroke appeared beside me. To better enjoy her retirement celestia decide to go to another world were no one would know her as a princess, only to maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book land right in the middle of a shadow maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book game, now celestia has become one and the maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book same with yugi' s mother & thanks to the mix of shadow and equestrian magic the world is maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book changing in chaos. Tell me good cards to change! Gravekeeper' s regional.

Monsters: 22 3x ninja grandmaster hanzo 3x flame armor ninja 2x air armor ninja 2x earth armor ninja 1x aqua armor ninja 1x senior silver ninja 1x upstart golden ninja 2x masked ninja ebisu 1x goblindbergh 1x marauding captain 1x effect veiler x1 white night dragon x1 black tyranno x2 dark simorgh trap cards: 12 x1 mirror force x1. Dark simorgh: " dark simorgh" prevents your opponent from setting cards willingly or by a card effect, such as " scrap- iron scarecrow". Watch queue queue. Permanently plugged in 435 since: mar. So, this is my second r/ f, but my maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book first where i actually went into detail about cards that i thought needed it. Omg 8 answers out of nowhere!

Ultimate 3ds and. Trap stun stuns your traps too so you can' t use your own. So she promise to be right by her son' s side duel disk at the ready. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You can normal summon " dark simorgh. How can i change my deck?

First dark hole, then compuls, then moon, etc. " " dark simorgh" prevents your opponent from setting cards willingly maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book or by a card effect, such as " maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book scrap- iron scarecrow". Flying fortress sky fire: if your opponent flips a card face- down, such as with “ book of moon”, you can activate effect# maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book 2 of “ flying fortress sky fire” to destroy. Demarcus beal, from atlanta, georgia, is packing a deck that’ s getting a lot of talk online lately: the hunder family!

Simorghs are a winged beast archetype which consist mainly of wind monsters, with a couple of dark maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book birds too. Ninjutsu art of transformation ftw sexy white dragon ninjas decklist = = = = = monsters: - black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning - white dragon ninja x2 - dark simorgh x3 ( because he needs more. Maestroke is the symphony djiin. 239 ( talk • contribs) 7: 05, novem why wouldn' t it be? Danny lilithborne 00: 18, maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book novem ( utc) no; " book of moon" cannot be activated while " dark simorgh" is on the field. Discard 1 winged beast monster return all cards in your opponent' s spell & trap zones to the hand.

Why did i just say that? Welcome to elborz, home of simorgh meet simorgh, originally the boss monster in the lord of storm structure deck, simorgh came back from oblivion with it' s very own normal summoned focused archetype of birds. Dueling network deck' maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book s. Monsters: 21 3x dark simorgh 3x raiza the storm monarch 3x caius the shadow monarch 3x myst valley soldier 2x myst valley shaman 2x krebons 2x gravekeeper spy 1x gravekeeper spy 1x sangan 1x dark armed dragon spells: 11 maestroke vs dark simorgh vs book 2x allure of darkness 2x book of moon 1x brain control 1x mind control 1x emergency teleport 1x heavy storm 1x mst 1x gold sarcophagus 1x my body as a shield traps: 8 3x anti. You proabaly now think i' m wierd.

2) dark bribe vs trap stun vs seven tools. Depalma drew magic cylinder next turn. He' s also my best friend, next to yuma. He' s my duel monster spirit partner and, my parental guardian since my dad' s away on a business trip.

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a: in this scenario, the effect of lilith, lady of lament will resolve while the effect of your opponent’ s dark simorgh prevents you from setting cards. mcchick3n' s dark simorgh deck let us know what you think and don' t forget to rate comment and subscribe. set compulsory evacuation device and book of moon.