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mirage studios comics) fugitoid # 1 value. view market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans! tmnt: free comic book day.

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michelangelo and raphael are running a training routine with several laser cannons being operated by donatello and the fugitoid. the original series that introduced the turtles to the world. teleported to another galaxy after their encounter with the utroms, the turtles meet the fugitoid and cross swords with the triceratons. story, art and cover by kevin eastman & peter laird.

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first issue in comic- sized format. black and white; 32 pages. nickelodeon has released the first clip of fugitoid, debuting in the fourth season of teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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The character was introduced in a series of strips in the gobbledygook comics that was later finished in a one off self- titled comic book and then guest starred in the original fugitoid comic book tmnt issues 5 to 7, and later became a recurring character in the main tmnt comic. I love the teenage mutant ninja fugitoid comic book turtles, and it' s rare that i don' t at least enjoy any of their incarnations. Since its inception in august, it has been the first new comic version of the turtles to debut after the sale of the franchise to nickelodeon in october. 6 ss eastman copy of the book. Although the turtles make only a brief appearance, it' s still a really interesting story and situation. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: all pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

Read a little about our history. Teenage mutant ninja turtles micro series # 8: fugitoid is now available on comic book shelves, and you would be crazy not to pick up, this sure to be, instant classic and unique issue. Two of the greatest obstacles that comics have in reaching readers are exposure and cost. This week we are offering a number of hard to find comic related items. Many comic book creators and publishers have put their comics online, available as full fugitoid comic book issues and at absolutely no cost to the reader. Product description.

I have been a fan of the turtles since i was a kid, but i became attached to their fascinating comic book history. He was the first joint eastman and laird creation. The fugitoid is one of mirage studios' oldest characters, predating even the tmnt. Fugitoid # 1 comic book 1985 by mirage studios eastman fugitoid comic book laird tmnt - lot of 4 fugitoid comic book fugitoid tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles playmates 1990 unpunched sealed teenage mutant ninja turtles metal mutants 5pk action figures tmnt fugitoid playmates teenage mutant ninja turtles fugitoid unpunched moc. The story is captivating, the art is engaging, and the twist at the end will leave many in awe. 2 signed kevin eastman.

I can say without a doubt i fugitoid comic book would not be writing a comic called homeless dinosaur if i didn’ t grow up with the turtles. The design of the fugitoid was inspired by the russ manning' s comic book " magnus, robot fighter 4000 a. In the idw comics, professor honeycutt was a neutrino scientist who used to work for. Jason karns’ fukitor is an attack of a different kind: reprinted from the artist’ s self- published zine, the book is a 144 page compilation of full color comics that reside uneasily between a straight and satirical response to the violence, xenophobia, fugitoid comic book and sexual and racial stereotypes found in pop culture.

Find the value of the mirage studios comic fugitoid magazine. The android' s first appearance with the tmnt came in the original run' s fifth issue where he was given the title of co- star, propelling the book into a surprisingly sci- fi direction. The comic book updates issue fugitoid comic book # 1 the comics of turtle power! Nyc – camping’ s david tennant q& a. Make offer - fugitoid # 1 comic book 1985 by mirage studios eastman laird tmnt - lot fugitoid comic book of 4. Final score: 10/ 10 ( go buy it now!

On the other hand, it is an essentially exact replication of a specific pose from fugitoid comic book the original " fugitoid" comic fugitoid comic book book. What the pencil, ink cover looks like. My name is ian gaudreau and for the past few years, tmnt has become a serious hobby of mine.

I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles and they are what got me fugitoid comic book into indie comics. Fugitoid # 1 is really just a collection of the six five- page back- up strips completed by eastman and laird in 1983 to launch a potential ongoing character, plus an additional seventh chapter that connects the 1983 back- ups with the ongoing narrative of the then- current tmnt book. However, an electrical fugitoid comic book storm resulted in honeycutt’ s consciousness being transferred into the body of his android. Eventually the character was introduced to the turtles' universe with said issue becoming a lead- in to issue 5. Like the rest of the micro- series issues, this one will deliver a story that can stand alone, but also feeds in to idw’ s ongoing teenage mutant ninja turtles book. What is your fugitoid comic book worth?

Kevin eastman and peter laird had conceived the character years before the turtles, and were even writing a fugitoid comic they night they came with the tmnt concept. Boardie bonus* * i f a boardie wants it at 7k i' m throwing in a 9. 812, 000 dc marvel & other comic books for sale. Hello, welcome to the necronom- a- comic- con!

Teenage mutant ninja turtles micro- series # 8: fugitoid" delivers the backstory of a fugitive android - - fugitoid - - and binds the character into the history of the teenage mutant ninja turtles irrevocably. Conceived by fugitoid comic book kevin eastman and peter laird, it was initially intended as a one- shot, but due to its popularity it fugitoid comic book became an ongoing series. Honeycutt is working on his mentawave helmet, a telekinetic device that the scientist has invented. The teenage mutant ninja turtles are about to take their third trip to the big screen, but they fugitoid comic book began their lives as a whimsical sketch in a comic book studio. This story is continued from fugitoid # 1 comic book. This is a list of all tmnt comics published by mirage studios see list of tmnt image comics.

Check out our pop list release date calendar to fugitoid comic book learn when pop- culture and comic book films are hitting theaters, keep up- to- date on the latest geek tv shows, and see what pop- culture inspired video games you can look forward to playing in the coming months! Miamiknight3434 replied to zosocane' s topic in comic events. Thamos honeycutt fugitoid comic book was formerly a semi- retired scientist on the planet d’ hoonib. Teenage mutant ninja turtles is an american comic book series published by mirage studios, featuring the characters of the same name, with a 30- year run from 1984 to. Turtle soup # 4 comic by mirage 1992 - lot of 5- tmnt.

Fugitoid; miami comic book show - - sunday hilton miami airport. But today i want to talk about turtles co- fugitoid comic book creators fugitoid comic book kevin eastman and peter laird’ s first creation together: the fugitoid. Read teenage mutant ninja turtlescomic online free and high quality. What the published cover looked like ( not included) ad for the book as published in raphael # 1 edited february 11 by tmnt. Com: gizmo & the fugitoid ( mi) book 1- 2 tmnt spin- off comics book:.

The tmnt are teleported by the utrom' s transmat device to the alien fugitoid comic book city of peblak. Read gizmo and the fugitoid comic online free and high quality. Pencils peter laird inks kevin eastman roughly 12 x 18 fugitoid cover # 1. Fugitoid # 1 ss fugitoid comic book cgc 9. Part of the cgc signature series & fugitoid comic book signed by kevin eastman. The doctor' s experiment with the helmet is fugitoid comic book interrupted by a telecom call from general blanque, wh.

We’ ve been selling comics since 1961 ( our first sale: fantastic four # 1 at $ 0. Gizmo and the fugitoid comic books fugitoid comic book for sale online. Fugitoid is a mirage studios character co- created by the founding fathers of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, kevin eastman and peter laird.

Here' s a great rare comic - eastman and laird' s fugitoid # 1 ( with early fugitoid comic book teenage mutant ninja turtles cameofirst print) awesome comic by peter laird and kevin eastman that ties into tmnt # 4 & 5! Teenage mutant ninja turtles is an ongoing comic book series published by idw publishing. Ta: the new tmnt series mixes the old with the new. Honeycutt ( mirage) / gallery; references. As soon as they arrive, the turtles are confronted by.

I am a huge comic book fan, and fugitoid comic book the turtles are my all- time favorite story. This fugitoid comic book comic was no exception! Fortunately, the internet has provided remedies for both. 25, see one of our first ads) and on the web since 1996. And it is vacuum- metalized, something i begged playmates to do for many years. The story begins as dr.

1 - aug: first printing the tmnt is. # 27716 in collectible comic books; would you like to tell us about a lower price? New customers save up to 25%, use code: new4. Fu press exclusive. How much will this version of fugitoid be like his mirage counterpart? Convention scene is the web' s leading source for comic book conventions, comic book creator store signings.

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voiced by former doctor who star david tennant, who will also play killgrave in. the first ( and only) issue of fugitoid was mirage studios' first comic book to feature a full color cover.

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